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Emily Ashken Zobl

Founding member, Secretary

Emily is the President and Co-Founder of Anchor Westport Enterprises, LLC (“AWE”). AWE is an independent, privately held business with a diverse portfolio of investments in hospitality, food services, technology, and multi-media publishing.  In addition to AWE, Emily is currently the Vice President of The Ashken Family Charitable Foundation (“AFCF”). Created in 2003, AFCF is a family run charitable foundation primarily focused on advancements in healthcare and medical research, the environment/sustainability and local community efforts. Prior to AWE, Emily worked at Madison Square Garden in NYC where she was focused on Corporate Strategy, Customer Experience, and Consumer Insights. Emily attended the University of Michigan and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sport Management & Business. As a second generation Westporter, Emily attended Westport Public Schools from Green Farms Elementary through Staples High School, participating in many sport and community programs. Emily lives in the Compo Beach area with her husband Tim. They moved back to Westport in the Summer of 2020 and are looking forward to actively contributing to their local community.

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